NoMad Hotel

The NoMad Hotel Las Vegas at Park MGM


The NoMad Hotel provides an exclusive, luxury experience atop Park MGM with premium perks like a private entrance and guest-only pool, though rooms are small and prices high.

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The NoMad Hotel Las Vegas at Park MGM

Park MGM, 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

You want luxury and exclusivity in Vegas? Look no further than The NoMad Hotel atop Park MGM. This chic boutique spot gifts you with plush rooms, although they lean on the snug side. Yes, you’ll pay a premium, but the perks? A private entrance to dodge the crowds, an exclusive pool that feels worlds apart from the chaos, and full access to Park MGM’s amenities – think quality without compromise. The in-house bar and restaurant? A visual feast, setting the scene for memorable evenings. Just brace for bustle during big events; it’s Vegas, after all.

Article written by Jeremy Koering and updated on March 22, 2024.


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