Las Vegas Deals

Las Vegas Deals

There are lots of fabulous Las Vegas deals. Whether you’re on The Strip or hanging out downtown on Fremont Street, we’re here to help you find the best deals for your next Vegas vacation.

How do I get the best deals in Vegas?

The easiest way to get the best deals in Vegas is by gambling with a player’s card. Travel in the offseason between November and February. You’ll find great prices on hotels and packages. There are a lot of happy hours Sunday to Thursday in Vegas. Stay midweek to take advantage.

What is the cheapest time to go to Las Vegas?

The offseason in Las Vegas is November through February. When there isn’t a significant convention happening, you will find affordable room rates and package deals. If you want hot weather, you can find reasonable midweek prices in July and August. Aside from big holidays, you can always find an affordable room in Las Vegas on weekdays.

It’s best to book your room one to two months in advance for the best pricing.

What is the cheapest way to book a trip to Vegas?

The cheapest way to book a hotel in Las Vegas is to sign up for player rewards and book directly with the hotel company. Many hotels offer great deals to their player’s clubs.

You may find great package deals from airlines, third-party vendors, and casinos directly. These typically pop up on midweek dates and throughout the offseason in the Winter.

How can I get discounts in Vegas?

You’ll find all sorts of great deals, discounts, happy hours, 2-for-1’s, and more by roaming The Strip or Fremont Street. A popular spot for discounted show tickets is the box offices on The Strip. Due to COVID, show tickets are in high demand, and many shows are selling out performances on the weekends. When things start getting back to normal, there are instances where show tickets and packages are cheaper in-person than online.

Are drinks still free in Vegas?

If you are gambling, drinks are free. To get a free drink on the casino floor, you need to be actively gambling at a slot machine or table game when the cocktail waitress comes by.

Most casinos require $20 in the machine for your first comped drink at the video poker bartops. Some casinos may have a drink voucher system where you may need to play for an unspecified amount of time and money before getting a second comped drink.

If you want to get more free drinks, grease the palms of your bartenders and cocktail servers with $5 tips. We recommend tipping $2 per drink, minimum. Being cheap will only get you a cheap experience in Las Vegas.

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