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Our Las Vegas Blog shares the latest happenings of The Strip and Fremont Street. Here you’ll find Las Vegas rumors, news, and blog updates to help you plan your next trip to Las Vegas.

Are drinks really free in Vegas?

If you are actively gambling, drinks in Vegas are free. To get a free drink on the casino floor, you need to be actively gambling at a slot machine or table game when the cocktail waitress comes by.

Most casinos require $20 in the machine for your first comped drink at the video poker bartops. Some casinos may have a drink voucher system where you may need to play for an unspecified amount of time and money before getting a second comped drink.

Is Las Vegas worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s a great escape for adults, from stunning shows and performers to fun activities to incredible food. Even if you don’t like gambling or drinking, you can find great things to do. However, we do not feel Vegas is suitable for kids.

The best part about Las Vegas is that you can have any kind of experience you want. If you want a posh, luxurious experience, you can create it. If you wish for low-budget fun, you’ll find it. Las Vegas is a melting pot of different experiences.

What is Vegas so cheap?

Las Vegas hotels want you to spend money on experiences. That can be shows, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and gambling. Regardless of your activities, hotels are enticing you to spend money at their properties.

In reality, hotels in Vegas are trying to cover their costs and create profit across the whole property. If you gamble, the hotel knows that you may spend $100 at the table even though your room only costs $50/night. You feel like you got a good deal, and they got $150.

What is the 20 dollar sandwich trick?

The $20 Sandwich Trick is a tip that hotel guests use to get complimentary room upgrades. The concept is simple. Put a $20 bill $20 bill between your credit card and ID before checking in. Hand the $20 sandwich to your front desk agent at check-in and ask, “Are there any complimentary upgrades?”

Depending on room availability, your length of stay, and what hotel you’re staying at, the $20 Trick can result in upgrades, comps, and waived fees.

You can find out if the $20 Sandwich Trick works at the hotel you’re staying at and read stories of success and failure from people just like you at

Can you walk around with a beer in Vegas?

Yes. On The Strip and Fremont Street, it is legal to have an open container. The only thing you can’t drink is from glass bottles. Most casinos and bars will offer plastic to-go cups for free. So open up that 24-ounce beer and enjoy the Bellagio Fountains or Volcano at Mirage.

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