Fremont Street Las Vegas

Our Fremont Street guide will help you choose the best hotel on Fremont Street, find restaurants downtown, explore things to do near the Fremont Street Experience, and more.

Hotels on Fremont Street

Downtown Las Vegas

There is nothing like Fremont Street and downtown Las Vegas. Home to an abundance of neon signs and glittery lights, downtown Vegas is full of nostalgic fun. From historic hotels where Frank Sinatra sang to the brand new Circa resort, Fremont Street offers visitors a vibrant history.

Fremont Street is great for guests looking to drink, gamble, and have a good time. A unique experience from The Strip, downtown is a one-of-a-kind gem that is coming alive after years of revitalization and growth.

Is Fremont Street the old strip?

Fremont Street is the most famous street in Las Vegas, Nevada. The street dates back to 1905. It’s home to famous casinos such as PlazaBinion’s, The DFremontGolden GateGolden NuggetFour Queens, and El Cortez.

In 1994, the Fremont Street Experience was built and the street was closed to vehicle traffic. In 2020, Fremont Street welcomed the first new hotel and casino, Circa, which replaced the Las Vegas Club, Glitter Gulch, and Mermaids Casino.

Adjacent to Fremont Street, you will find Downtown GrandMain Street Station, and The California.

What time does Fremont Street close?

Fremont Street is open 24/7.

There are some special events throughout the year that may limit your access to the Fremont Street Experience.

Is Fremont Street dangerous?

No, but be cautious. Police and security heavily patrol the Fremont Street Experience, especially at night. Like any other tourist city, you need to be alert of your surroundings. There are pickpockets and scammers. Just be mindful of who’s around you.

Another aspect that makes Las Vegas unique is the open container laws on Fremont Street. Drunken behavior is not uncommon at night. However, police and security are well-prepared for drunk crowds.

Can you drink alcohol on Fremont Street?

Yes. Like The StripFremont Street allows open containers. It is illegal to drink from a glass on Fremont Street, but most casinos offer plastic to-go cups. Some events and holidays prevent outside beverages at the Fremont Street Experience.

What is the best time to visit Fremont Street?

Fremont Street is a 24/7 experience. There is never a wrong time to visit Fremont Street, but some attractions like the SlotZilla Zip Line in the early morning. The free Viva Vision Light Show starts at 6:00 PM every night and runs until 1:00 AM. The show begins on the hour and lasts between 6-7 minutes.

Fremont Street hosts a lot of live music, entertainment, and special events.

We recommend planning your trip downtown around the events and activities you want to experience. You can visit the Fremont Street Experience website for schedules and showtimes at

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