Best Pools In Vegas for Families

10 Best Pools In Vegas for Families

Discover the top family-friendly pools in Vegas for endless fun in the sun. Perfect spots for kids and parents to make a splash!

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Finding the perfect pools in Vegas for your family can feel like a quest through a barren desert. Whether you want refuge from the sweltering heat or are hoping to create a memorable family vacation, these are the 10 best pools in Vegas for families.

From wave pools to lazy rivers to water parks, prepare to plunge in to the ultimate family getaway. In this article, I’ll guide you through each pool’s offerings and give you the scoop on what makes them stand out from the rest.

Best Pools In Vegas for Families

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, the best Vegas pools for your family are Mandalay Bay Beach, Tahiti Village, and MGM Grand’s pool complex. In the heart of the desert, these are your oases.

1. Mandalay Bay Beach

Without a doubt, the best pool in Vegas for families is Mandalay Bay where your family is in for a real treat. The sandy beach and wave pool are fantastic for kids who dream of the ocean, and the lazy river, although a bit small, still adds to the fun. However, it can get crowded, making it hard to keep an eye on the little ones every second. The space is great for kids to run around and play. It’s a good spot, but just be ready for the bustle of a popular place.

Mandalay Bay BeachPin
Mandalay Bay Beach
Tahiti Village ResortPin
Tahiti Village Resort

2. Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village gets the silver medal in our list of family-friendly pools in Vegas. The main attraction is the enormous pool that easily accommodates everyone from tiny tots to teens and adults. What sets it apart is Vegas’ best lazy river, with a cool policy that lets you bring your own floaties – a big win for families with young kids. It’s a bit out of the way and it’s missing some of the flashy amenities you find closer to The Strip. For a fun-filled pool day Tahiti Village is a top pick.

3. MGM Grand Pool Complex

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is huge, spreading across 6.5 acres with tons of space for you and your kids to splash and have fun. It’s loaded with options like a super cool lazy river and various pools to pick from. But here’s the deal, it can get super crowded. If you’re all about the lazy river and don’t mind the crowds, then it’s a blast. Just don’t expect to have a quiet, relaxing day lounging by the pool because this place is buzzing with energy.

MGM Grand Pool ComplexPin
MGM Grand Pool Complex
Splash Zone & Pool at Circus CircusPin
Splash Zone & Pool at Circus Circus

4. Splash Zone & Pool at Circus Circus

The Splash Zone & Pool at Circus Circus is a must-visit if you’ve got young kids. This place knows how to keep the fun rolling for your little ones, with dedicated areas designed just for them and thrilling water slides that your older kids will absolutely love. Sure, it might not have the glitz of some of the fancier pools in Vegas, but what it lacks in glamour, it makes up for in sheer enjoyment and family-friendly vibes.

5. Luxor Hotel & Casino

At Luxor, if you’re bringing the family, especially with older kids, you hit the jackpot. Inside, they’ll dig the ancient Egypt theme. Outside, you’ve got a choice of four pools, each rocking its own vibe. But listen, there’s not much shade, so slather on that sunscreen unless you want to turn into a mummy. It’s an awesome mix of fun and culture but remember, it’s more of a sun-soak than a retreat from the heat.

Luxor Hotel & CasinoPin
Luxor Hotel & Casino
The Tank at Golden NuggetPin
The Tank at Golden Nugget

6. The Tank at Golden Nugget

The Tank at Golden Nugget is a wild ride with its shark tank and water slide that zips through it. Your older kids will think it’s the coolest thing. But, brace yourself, because it gets super crowded, especially when everyone wants a turn on that slide. It’s a bit of a gimmick, sure, but honestly, it’s a cool feature not many pools have. Keep in mind, though, there’s no dedicated kids’ area, so this is best for families with older kids.

7. Excalibur Hotel Casino

Excalibur’s pool might not be the flashiest in Vegas, but your family will have a blast. With multiple pools, kids from toddlers to teens find their happy place, splashing around or chilling on a float. The downside? Just like the Luxor, shade is as scarce as a quiet spot on the strip, so pack enough sunscreen to cover a small army. It’s straightforward fun without the frills, perfect if your crew is more about the water than the wow.

Excalibur Hotel CasinoPin
Excalibur Hotel Casino
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & CasinoPin
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

8. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

At Flamingo, your family is in for a mix of fun and relaxation. The family pool, nestled within the lush Flamingo Habitat, gives you a break from Vegas’ desert sun with its rare shade. It’s a cozy spot, which means you’re not elbowing through crowds. The adult-only pool option is there if you sneak in some grown-up time. While it might not have all the flashy slides, the balance of chill vibes and family fun makes it a solid pick.

9. Cowabunga Canyon Water Park

Cowabunga Canyon Water Park is your best shot at epic fun away from The Strip’s buzz. It’s around 25 minutes southwest of all that glitter. This place packs awesome slides that’ll have your kids screaming for more. Sure, it’s a trek, but once you hit those water slides, you’ll forget about the drive. It’s not just about sliding; they’ve nailed it with cool attractions too. If you’re looking for a day packed with family fun, this park delivers big time.

Cowabunga Canyon Water ParkPin
Cowabunga Canyon Water Park
Cowabunga Bay Water ParkPin
Cowabunga Bay Water Park

10. Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Cowabunga Bay Water Park might make you drive a bit, but listen, it’s totally worth it. Sure, it’s older and you’re gonna wish there was more shade, but once your kids hit the slides, they won’t even remember the sun. The slides are the real deal, offering thrills that keep the fun dial turned way up. If you can handle a bit of sun and are up for some excitement, this park will make your family trip a hit. Just pack lots of sunscreen.


Las Vegas offers an array of family-friendly pools, but Mandalay Bay Beach stands out as the number one choice. With its large wave pool and sandy shores, it’s perfect for kids. Despite potential crowds, its diverse attractions ensure a memorable experience for families seeking fun in the sun.

Article last updated on March 24, 2024
Jeremy Koering
Jeremy Koering

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