Best Hotels Off The Strip In Las Vegas

15 Best Hotels Off The Strip In Las Vegas

If you want to avoid the chaos of The Strip and debauchery of Downtown, these are the best hotels off The Strip in Las Vegas.

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Staying on neon-soaked chaos of The Strip or in the vintage allure of Downtown isn’t for everyone. If what you’re craving is the opulence only Vegas can serve up, but without the perpetual whirlwind that is Sin City, you my friend are in the right place.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the 15 best hotels off the Vegas Strip – each promising a slice of luxury with a side of serenity.

Best Hotels Off The Strip In Las Vegas

The best off-Strip hotels are without a doubt: Red Rock Casino, Durango, and Palms. All three are luxurious spots away from The Strip, serving locals and tourists.

1. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Red Rock Casino is hands down the best place to stay in Vegas if you’re looking to dodge the Strip madness. They roll out the red carpet with all the goodies for a 5-star getaway. Trust me, kick back in the Rouge Room; it’s got this exclusive pool deck that makes you forget every worry. And don’t get me started on 8 Noodle Bar – it’s my go-to for a mind-blowing meal every time. Heads up, though, staying here isn’t cheap, and it’s quite the trek from The Strip.

Rouge Room Cabana pool at Red Rock CasinoPin
Check out the Rouge Room Cabana pool at Red Rock Casino, the best hotel off The Strip.
The pool at Durango Resort CasinoPin
The brand new Durango is the one of the best off-Strip hotels.

2. Durango Casino & Resort

Durango is the new kid on the block, but don’t think it’s playing small. This spot’s all about the high stakes of dining and gambling, with a luxury touch that makes you feel like you’re right on The Strip without the chaos. The sportsbook? Huge. You won’t find anything like Bel-Aire off-Strip. But here’s the deal, it’s pricey and a good 20-minute trek from The Strip. Great if you’re looking to splurge on something fancy without the usual Strip crowd.

3. Palms Casino Resort

Palms is your ticket to feeling cool without being on The Strip. The place to be is Mabel’s BBQ for amazing food and live tunes. Don’t skip Ghostbar on the rooftop — the view of The Strip is unbeatable. Sure, the rooms might make your wallet a bit lighter on weekends, but you’re getting the fancy of the Strip minus elbow-to-elbow crowds. Trust me, the vibe here? It’s worth every penny.

The Unknown Bar at PalmsPin
Grab a cocktail at The Unknown Bar inside Palms, one of the best off-Strip hotels.
The pool at Green Valley RanchPin
Relax at the pool at Green Valley Ranch, one of the best hotels off The Strip.

4. Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino

Green Valley Ranch, tucked away in Henderson, is a real gem for those in the know. Full disclosure, my wife works there, which means I’ve become a bit of a regular, especially at the new Polaris Bar. Offering everything from a top-notch sportsbook to a pool that’ll make you forget about the desert heat. And don’t even get me started on Bottiglia – it’s my personal favorite for a meal. But, be ready to open your wallet wide for this 5-star experience. You’re a good 25-minutes from the Strip’s hustle, but in my book, it’s a worthy escape.

5. Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Virgin Hotels is another place close to The Strip that really stands out. They hit you hard with cool stuff. You absolutely must check out The Shag Room for drinks. And for some tasty eats, Kassi Beach House is the spot to be—it feels like you’re chilling at a super cool beach party. Their pool, nightlife, and concerts are top-notch. Since you’re not near The Strip, you’ll still have to take an Uber to the main action, but you may not need to leave.

Inside look at a room at Virgin Hotels Las VegasPin
Stay at Virgin Hotels, on of the top off-Strip hotels.
The pool at M ResortPin
Dive in at the M Resort, one of the best off-Strip hotels.

6. M Resort Spa Casino

M Resort is a hidden treasure back in Henderson, dazzling folks with its top-notch food and drinks. But what really steals the show is their pool deck – it’s like a summer dream you don’t want to wake up from. It’s a hike from The Strip and Downtown, making it feel like you’re on a mini-vacation away from Vegas’ heart. If you’re aiming to kick back and soak up some serious relaxation, M Resort is your go-to spot. Just brace yourself, because being this far from the action means you’re in for a quiet escape.

7. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Westgate’s the old-school champ off The Strip, once the stomping ground of Elvis, now Barry Manilow rocks the stage. It’s got this legendary sportsbook where bets fly around like paper planes. This place is a magnet for the convention crowd, buzzing with energy. It’s not sitting on The Strip, but who cares when there’s a monorail zipping you to the heat of Vegas in no time? Sure, it’s got a vibe that caters more to the briefcase and nametag gang, but trust me, Westgate’s got its own kind of cool.

Barry Manilow performing at WestgatePin
Barry Manilow performing at Westgate, one of the best hotels off The Strip in Las Vegas.
The Signature at MGM GrandPin
The Signature at MGM Grand is one of the best off-Strip hotels, especially for families.

8. The Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature at MGM Grand is a cool spot if you’re not all about the casino life. It’s a mix of condo, timeshare, and hotel, kind of like having your own fancy Vegas pad without the slot machine noise. You can chill out in a quiet spot, which is great for families looking to escape the crazy Vegas vibe. But, get ready to walk—there’s nothing to eat or do right there. You’ve got to trek through this air-conditioned path to MGM Grand to find any action.

9. Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

Sunset Station out in Henderson has everything a local or traveler could want—tons of games, a bowling alley that’s not just for kids, a movie theater for catching flicks, and restaurants with grub that’ll make your tastebuds high five each other. Plus, the bars here know how to mix a drink. And concerts in the summer? Pure gold. It’s a 35-minute drive from The Strip’s neon jungle, but for a slice of Vegas without the usual suspects, it’s your go-to spot.

Sunset StationPin
One of the top off-Strip hotels is Sunset Station in Henderson.
Go to the rodeo at South PointPin
Go to the rodeo at South Point, one of the top off-Strip hotels in Las Vegas.

10. South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

South Point is like a secret clubhouse for folks who know the real Vegas. It’s not swanky like those high-roller spots on The Strip, but listen, it’s got charm. It’s a place where cowboys feel at home. They throw rodeos and auctions year-round in the equestrian arena that are a blast. Plus, there’s a great pool, a bowling alley, and even a movie theater to keep everyone busy. It’s a bit of a drive from The Strip, but for a taste of local fun without the wallet-emptying frills, South Point nails it.

11. Tahiti Village

Tahiti Village is a hidden treasure, perfect for the family crew. Think of it as an oasis minus the hustle of slots. The pool is amazing! Complete with a lazy river that’ll have you forgetting you’re in the desert. When my family lands in Vegas, this is their go-to camp. The food scene’s a bit thin with just three spots to grab a bite, but who cares when you’ve got a free ride to The Strip? Trust me, for a chill Vegas vibe, Tahiti Village nails it.

Striking a pose in the lazy river at Tahiti VillagePin
Strike a pose in the lazy river at Tahiti Village, a top off-Strip hotel.
Rio Las VegasPin
Rio is becoming one of the top off-Strip hotels.

12. Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

The Rio’s shaking things up with big updates and renovations in 2024, and I’ve got to say, the changes are solid. Right now, it’s like watching a phoenix ready to rise from the ashes. Sure, it’s not top dog yet, but give it time. The shows at the Rio? Always a knockout. And that brand new food court? A food lover’s dream come true. The rooms? They’re getting a fresh look that screams comfort. Mark my words, later this year, the Rio’s going to climb the ranks. For an off-Strip gem, it’s got the goods.

13. Silverton Casino & Lodge

Silverton just redid the whole place, and man, the rooms and the pool? Top-notch. My family couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved it. I’m over there a lot since it’s the closest casino to my house. The eats? They’re decent enough to keep you coming back. And the folks working there? Nicest people you’ll meet. Oh, and if you’re into fishing or just like looking at cool stuff, they’ve got this huge Bass Pro Shops inside.

The newly renovated rooms at Silverton CasinoPin
The newly renovated rooms at Silverton Casino.
Palace StationPin
Palace Station is one of the best off-Strip hotels.

14. Palace Station Hotel & Casino

About 2-miles off-Strip, Palace Station isn’t just where OJ made headlines; it’s a spot that’s seriously stepped up. It’s like this cool, affordable hideout with stuff that’ll keep you hooked. I’m all over Cinebarre for movie nights. And the Oyster Bar? It’s a hit. Always packed, and for good reason. This place, it’s got a vibe that’s hard to beat. It’s not smack in the middle of all the crazy Vegas lights, but who needs that when you’ve got this kind of cool just a short ride away?

15. Ellis Island Casino & Hotel

My favorite off-Strip property is Ellis Island. It’s like a secret clubhouse packed into a tiny casino hotel about a half-mile behind Horseshoe Las Vegas. This place, folks, is the real deal if you’re into cheap drinks, cheap food, and cheap gambling. The Front Yard is their crown jewel – a stunning beer garden right in the desert. Sure, it’s a bit divey and low-brow, but that’s exactly its charm. It’s bucket loads of fun, promising a true Vegas vibe without trying too hard.

The Front Yard at Ellis IslandPin
Dine at The Front Yard inside Ellis Island.


Staying at Red Rock Casino is a sure bet – the top pick away from the Vegas Strip. Featuring a striking design, lavish amenities, and close to the city’s buzz, this resort hits all the notes. If you want the best hotel off The Strip, stay at Red Rock Casino.

Article last updated on March 22, 2024
Jeremy Koering
Jeremy Koering

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