Best Hotel Pools In Vegas

20 Best Hotel Pools In Vegas

If you want to soak up the sun in Sin City, here are the 20 best hotel pools in Vegas you’ll want to check out.

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Las Vegas is a wild city, full of bright lights and big adventures. It’s not just about the late-night fun or fancy rooms; it’s also home to some of the best hotel pools you’ve ever seen. Imagine chilling in the water with a sweet drink, splashing around in a place that’s just for kids, or hanging out in a quiet spot made just for adults.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you about the 20 best hotel pools in Vegas in 2024, where you can find your own little piece of happiness in the middle of the desert. From places with amazing views of the city to spots surrounded by green plants that make you feel like you’re in a jungle, get ready to dive into the best pools in Vegas that will turn your trip into something you’ll never forget.

Best Hotel Pools In Vegas (Updated 2024)

The top pools in Vegas for 2024 are Mandalay Bay Beach, The Garden of The Gods Pool at Caesars Palace, and the Resorts World Las Vegas Pools.

1. Mandalay Bay Beach

Mandalay Bay Beach is an aquatic paradise in the heart of the Nevada desert. Imagine lounging on real sand without leaving Vegas, catching waves in the giant wave pool, or floating down the lazy river like you’re in some tropical paradise. A concert here, with your feet in the sand, beats any dimly lit venue. Families, party animals, anyone really, can find their spot and claim it as their own personal Vegas victory. Mandalay Bay Beach isn’t playing around; it’s the undisputed king of hotel pools in Vegas.

Mandalay Bay BeachPin
Mandalay Bay Beach
The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars PalacePin
The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace

2. The Garden of the God’s Pool at Caesars Palace

The Garden of the Gods pool area at Caesars Palace is like stepping into a party thrown by the Roman gods themselves. Each pool has its own personality. Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun like Apollo or find a shady nook to cool off, there’s a spot just for you. From the party-hearty Neptune to the exclusive VIP vibes of Bacchus. The place is decked out with towering columns and statues that make you feel like you’re swimming in history. Forget the slots; the real jackpot is soaking up the sun here.

3. Resorts World Las Vegas Pool

The Resorts World Las Vegas Pool is has a Vegas-sized dose of glamour. It punches above its weight with knockout views of Vegas. There’s a bar right there, so you can sip on something cool while your eyes feast on the skyline. It’s not just swimming; it’s an experience. It’s a place where luxury meets a laid-back vibe, making it a must-visit spot.

Resorts World Las Vegas PoolPin
Resorts World Las Vegas Pool
Fontainebleau Oasis Pool DeckPin
Fontainebleau Oasis Pool Deck

4. Fontainebleau’s Oasis Pool Deck

Stepping onto the Oasis Pool Deck at Fontainebleau Las Vegas is an empire of indulgence, sprawling over six acres with a battalion of pools ready to conquer your senses. You’ve got bars, restaurants, and even a gaming area—because why step inside when you can double down under the sun? For a slice of paradise in the neon heart of Vegas, I’ll roll those dice any day.

5. The Pool at Wynn Las Vegas

The Pool at Wynn Las Vegas is like a lush paradise that somehow sprouted in the middle of the desert—a stark contrast to the relentless neon and noise just beyond its gates. With waters at the perfect temperature and lounge chairs that beckon you to forget the world, this place is a sanctuary for the soul. Lounging here, amidst manicured gardens and the sheer opulence of it all, makes you feel like royalty. It’s an escape worth every penny, a sliver of tranquility in the chaos that is Vegas.

The pool at Wynn Las VegasPin
The pool at Wynn Las Vegas
Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las VegasPin
Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas

6. Encore Beach Club

Diving into Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas is a wild, untamed Las Vegas party. This place is a full-blown spectacle with the energy cranked up to eleven. The cabanas scream luxury, offering a slice of VIP life with views that’ll knock your socks off—if you were foolish enough to wear any. The drinks might hit your wallet harder than expected, but when you’re dancing under the neon lights, surrounded by the electric vibe of party-goers, it’s a small price to pay for a taste of the high life.

7. Tahiti Village’s Pool & Lazy River

Tahiti Village’s Pool & Lazy River is where you go when you crave a slice of paradise smack in the middle of the desert madness that is Vegas. If relaxation had a headquarters, it would be floating on this lazy river. It’s an escape, a lush, tropical hideaway that laughs in the face of the buzzing slot machines. Forget the casinos; this is where the real magic happens. Those looking for the crazy Vegas pool party vibe might find it too tame, but for me, it’s a remarkable haven from the chaos.

Tahiti Village's Pool & Lazy RiverPin
Tahiti Village’s Pool & Lazy River
Stadium Swim at CircaPin
Stadium Swim at Circa

8. Stadium Swim at Circa

Stadium Swim at Circa isn’t just a pool; it’s a revolution in how we experience water and sports in Vegas. Imagine the vibe of a dayclub mashed with the thrill of a sports bar, but way cooler because you’re swimming. The massive screen blasting games make you feel like you’re right in the action, all while floating in water. No more choosing between catching the game and catching rays. This place nails the blend, making it the undisputed champ of Downtown Vegas pools. If you’re here to soak up the best of Vegas, this pool is a game-changer.

9. The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool

The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool is hands-down one of the coolest places to chill in Vegas. The vibes are just unmatched. Imagine lounging in water so refreshing, with The Strip buzzing right in front of you. It’s not just a pool; it’s like the party spot everyone wishes they knew about. If you’re not here, you’re missing out. Trust me, nothing beats the view or the feeling of being at the center of everything fun in Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan's Boulevard PoolPin
The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool
Red Rock Casino Sandbar PoolPin
Red Rock Casino Sandbar Pool

10. The Sandbar Pool at Red Rock Casino

The Sandbar Pool at Red Rock Casino is the ultimate chill spot, no doubt. Picture this: sprawling waters, comfy loungers, and the vibe? Totally epic. It’s not just a pool, it’s a mini getaway. Forget the Strip’s hustle, this place is where it’s at. You want to bask in the Vegas sun without the extra fuss, right? Red Rock’s Sandbar Pool is your answer. Some pools try too hard; this one? Just right. If you’re not soaking it up here, you’re missing out. Big time.

11. The Venetian Pool Deck

The Venetian’s pool deck totally rocks if you’re aiming for that wow factor. It’s fancy and makes you feel like you’re chilling in Italy without leaving Vegas. The pool itself is huge and super clean, which is awesome because who likes swimming in a dirty pool? Not me! Plus, the lounging areas feel super exclusive, like you’re a VIP or something. It’s the place to be if you want to splash in style and soak up the sun while feeling like royalty.

The Venetian Pool DeckPin
The Venetian Pool Deck
MGM Grand Pool ComplexPin
MGM Grand Pool Complex

12. MGM Grand Pool Complex

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is a splashy wonderland. First up, the good stuff: it’s huge with lots of pools, so it feels like a water theme park, which is pretty cool. There’s a lazy river that’s the best part because you can just chill and float around. Now, the not-so-good. It gets super crowded, like, you’re bumping into people left and right. And the chairs? You’ve gotta wake up at the crack of dawn to snag a good spot. It’s fun but be ready for the hustle.

13. The Tank at Golden Nugget

The Tank at Golden Nugget is wild because you can slide right through a shark tank! But, honestly, it gets way too crowded. It’s cool to see sharks up close while you’re whooshing down the slide, but then you’re elbow to elbow with a bunch of people on the pool deck. The water’s nice and clean, though, and the whole shark thing is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime kinda deal. Still, I wish it wasn’t packed like a can of sardines. Great for the ‘gram, but not my top pick for chilling all day.

The Tank at Golden NuggetPin
The Tank at Golden Nugget
Bellagio PoolPin
Bellagio Pool

14. Bellagio Pools

The Bellagio Pools are pretty cool but not my top pick. They look super fancy, with big pools and comfy chairs that make you feel special. The water is clean and just the right temperature for swimming. People who work there are nice but sometimes slow. What I don’t like is how crowded it gets, like everyone wants to be there. It’s too busy for me, even though it’s got a luxurious vibe. I think there are better places to swim in Vegas that aren’t so packed. Still, it’s fun if you don’t mind the crowds.

15. Go Pool at Flamingo

The Go Pool at Flamingo isn’t just a pool; it feels like a wild party in the middle of Vegas. I loved the vibrant, tropical vibe that makes you forget you’re in the desert. The water was perfect, not too cold or too hot, just right for cooling off. The music was loud, maybe too loud for some, but it gets you in the party mood. However, it gets super crowded, making it tough to find a spot to relax. If you’re up for a fun, loud day with lots of people, it’s the spot. But for peace and quiet, look elsewhere.

Go Pool at FlamingoPin
Go Pool at Flamingo
The Pool at Virgin HotelsPin
The Pool at Virgin Hotels

16. The Pool at Virgin Hotels

The Pool at Virgin Hotels is super clean and has a chill vibe. You get to relax on what feels like a real beach with soft sand and plants that make you forget you’re in the middle of Vegas. What sets it apart is the Kassi Beach Club. The DJs they have are awesome, playing music that keeps the mood upbeat but still relaxing. And the food and drinks from Kassi Beach House? Amazing! Italian snacks and fancy drinks that actually taste good. It’s a great spot to unwind, but if you’re looking for wild pool parties, this might not be your thing.

17. Pool à Paris Las Vegas

The Pool à Paris Las Vegas is kind of a mixed bag for me. First off, lounging under a fake Eiffel Tower with a view of The Strip is super cool. Like, you feel fancy without even trying. But, oh boy, the sun! It’s like a frying pan with no shade anywhere. You better pack a gallon of sunscreen or you’ll roast. And the drinks? Prepare to empty your wallet for a cocktail because they’re crazy expensive. But, I gotta say, the vibe is chill and laid back. It’s not perfect, but it’s got some serious style points.

Pool à Paris Las VegasPin
Pool à Paris Las Vegas
LIV Beach at FontainebleauPin
LIV Beach at Fontainebleau

18. LIV Beach at Fontainebleau

LIV Beach totally rocks the Vegas pool scene. It’s like this awesome adult spot where the vibe’s always electric. You’ve got the biggest DJs like Calvin Harris spinning, which is sick! The place looks like something out of a fancy French postcard, but way cooler ’cause you’re actually there, living it up with a drink in hand. What I don’t get is why every pool can’t be this epic. Sure, it can get crowded, but that’s ’cause everyone knows it’s the spot to be. If you’re in Vegas and skip LIV Beach, you’re missing out big time.

19. Park MGM

Park MGM has some pretty cool pools if you’re looking for a chill spot to beat the Vegas heat. Sure, it’s not the biggest pool out there, but guess what? The shade! Oh, man, the shade is a game-changer when it’s blazing hot. You can actually relax without worrying about turning into a lobster. Plus, it’s got this intimate vibe that makes it feel like a secret hideaway. Big pools are great and all, but the cozy size here means less crowd and more peace. Honestly, it’s a sweet spot to cool off and take it easy.

Park MGM PoolPin
Park MGM Pool
Circus Circus Pool & WaterslidesPin
Circus Circus Pool & Waterslides

20. Circus Circus

The Splash Zone & Pool at Circus Circus is a total game-changer for families. Trust me, your kids will go bananas over this water-park style pool—it’s why it’s one of the top picks for families hitting Vegas. We’re talking three slides that’ll have your kids screaming with joy, two pools for some chill swim time, and a splash pad that’s just the cherry on top. But here’s the deal, if you’re not rolling up with kids, you might want to think twice. This place is kid paradise, which means it’s loud and packed. Perfect for families, maybe not so much if you’re looking for peace and quiet.


Mandalay Bay Beach is the best hotel pool in Las Vegas. It’s got something for everyone–families with kids, adults looking for a party, and even those seeking a peaceful oasis. If you’re only going to hit one pool in Vegas, Mandalay Bay Beach should be your top pick.

Article last updated on March 22, 2024
Jeremy Koering
Jeremy Koering

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