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Vegas Travel Blog helps people just like you plan a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is about creating experiences that you’ll love. Our job is to make it a little easier to choose the right hotel for you, find the perfect restaurant, or attend shows and events that you’ll enjoy. 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for Las Vegas. In comparison, other Las Vegas blogs tell you what other people like. Vegas Travel Blog tries to help you plan a trip to Las Vegas with the experiences that you’ll love and crafting the best Las Vegas trip possible.

Plan A Trip To Las Vegas

There has never been a better time to plan a trip to Las Vegas than in 2021. Despite some remaining COVID-19 restrictions, Las Vegas is roaring back to life and still offers incredible experiences. 

Plan a trip to Las Vegas with our guides on hotels, shows, and restaurants. Visit our blog and explore things to do, travel tips, and the latest deals.

How much money do I need for a trip to Vegas?

Las Vegas is a unique tourist destination that can be extremely cheap or exorbitantly expensive. For two people, you should expect to spend $200/day on weekdays and $400/day on weekends in Las Vegas for your hotel, food, and entertainment.

If you want to visit Las Vegas on a tight budget, go on a weekday. You can book a room for $60/night after taxes and resort fees. Each person can eat for about $50/day. On weekdays you’ll find great drink specials and happy hours. You can take the bus for a couple of dollars between The Strip and Fremont Street for transportation.  

Hotels are quite a bit more expensive on the weekends. It is also more challenging to find drink deals on Friday and Saturday nights. Those two factors will dramatically increase your budget.

Two people can plan a trip to Las Vegas for three nights, see a show or two, and enjoy great food and drinks for $600-$1,000. 

What’s the best month to go to Las Vegas?

The best month to plan a trip to Las Vegas depends on what kind of trip you want. 

April, May, September, and early October are best for pools and dayclubs. Las Vegas tends to be more lively with a party atmosphere during these months.

November through February offers cheap hotel rooms and cold weather that’s great for outdoor activities like hiking, ATVs, and rock climbing. 

June, July, and August are sweltering outside. Bring the SPF 50 if you’re going to the pool. The summer is great for gambling in the casino, seeing shows, and staying indoors.

Are drinks still free in Vegas?

If you are gambling, drinks are free. 

Most casinos require $20 in the machine for your first comped drink at the video poker bartops. Some casinos may have a drink voucher system where you may need to play for an unspecified amount of time and money before getting a second comped drink. 

To get a free drink on the casino floor, you need to be actively gambling at a slot machine or table game when the cocktail waitress comes by.

If you want to get more free drinks, grease the palms of your bartenders and cocktail servers with $5 tips. It’s not 2000; tip more than $1 per drink. Being cheap will only get you a worse experience in Las Vegas.

Does the $20 trick work in Vegas?

Yes, the $20 Trick works in Las Vegas. All you need to do is sandwich a $20 bill between your credit card and ID before checking in. Hand the $20 Sandwich to your front desk agent at check-in and ask, “Are there any complimentary upgrades?” 

Results vary dramatically from hotel to hotel. You can find out if the $20 Trick works at the hotel you’re staying at and read stories of success and failure from people just like you at

How many days do you need in Vegas?

If you are staying on The Strip or Fremont Street, we recommend staying in Las Vegas for a minimum of two nights. The number of days should be determined by what experience you want to create. 

If you’re drinking and gambling, 48 hours may be all you need. If you’re going outside, hanging by the pool, doing activities away from The Strip, or hiking at Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire, three or four days may be better. 

When you plan a trip to Las Vegas, plan around the activities, shows, and experiences you want to have. Be warned. Las Vegas can be a very tiring place, especially if you consume alcohol and party late into the night. Drink lots of water. Eat a couple of healthy meals. Too often, visitors press their luck and end up too worn out to enjoy the rest of their trip. 

Is Las Vegas dangerous for tourists?

No. Police and security heavily patrol the tourist areas in Las Vegas. Like any big city in the United States, there are bad parts of town. When you plan a trip to Las Vegas there are a few things to keep in mind. Like any other tourist city, be on alert for scammers and pickpockets. 

Another aspect that makes Las Vegas unique is the open container laws on The Strip and Fremont Street. Drunken behavior is not uncommon at night. However, police and security are well-prepared for drunk crowds.

We also do not recommend walking outside between 10:00 PM and sunrise north of Circus Circus and south of Fremont Street.

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